2018 Octavian Lucian Hasna & Rodica Potolea. Analysing a Periodical and Multi-dimensional Time Series. In proceedings of the International Conference on Mining Intelligence and Knowledge Exploration (MIKE) (pp. 268-278). Cluj-Napoca, Romania. link 2017 Octavian Lucian Hasna & Rodica Potolea. Robust feature extraction from noisy ECG for atrial fibrillation detection. Computing in Cardiology (CinC). Rennes, France. link Octavian Lucian Hasna & Rodica Potolea. Time series - A taxonomy based survey. In proceedings of the Intelligent Computer Communication and Processing (ICCP) (pp....

October 1, 2018 · Octavian Hasna


My thesis goal is to extract patterns and knowledge from sensor data in order to drive improvements in the way customers use a given product. In this context, the fields of interest are: Time Series Analysis, code Recommendation Systems Sentiment Analysis I am part of the Knowledge Engineering Research Group. My current focus is on overcoming source signal dependence in time series analysis.

October 1, 2014 · Octavian Hasna